Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Paparazzi. By Hannah ;)

Ahaaa. This is soooooo funni.
Right we were at Jessicaas house right. Ndd the song Paparazi came on the Tv. Nd aftaa we hadd watched the whole of the video, Izzy goes I don't get it. She went right so her boyfriend tries to have sex with her but she doesn't want to so he pushes her off the balcony and then she's like "I'm paralysed" . So then she's like "papa-papa-razzi!" Then she's likee "I just killed my boyfriend!" Nd thn it's well wierd cuz its such a stupid video that makes no sensee. Ahaa. It wass sooooo funni you mai have just had to be there. =D Thankyouu for reading. Love to all! xxx

Monday, 21 September 2009

Cwazii Stuff by Jess x

Sorry none of us have blogged in a while. Anyway we will start blogging more often :D
Have you ever had dejavu??? Probably most people have at least once in there lives. Well,have you ever dreamt about something after it has happened? Sounds strange i know but let me explain. This morning i woke up having had a dream about something. Then, when we were walking to the bus (Me, Hannah and Emily) and i started tellin them about this dream i had had. I finished telllin them my dream and then they both said "Jess that happened on friday." but i couldn't remember that it had happened sooo i kept saying are you sure that happened??? they insisted it did but i really didnt remember it happened. Which is pretty scary you gotta admit it???? ryt???? Thankyou for reading! Love to all xxx

Monday, 14 September 2009

Science By Jess x

This memory happened today and only has me and hannah in it.
We were in science learning about chromosome, genes and all that stuff. So anyway, our teacher handed out sheets of corn cells with the 10 pairs of chromosomes, telling our class we had to cut them all out and stick them in our book in there pairs. Pretty easy job right? well not for me.... i started cutting them out. A couple of minutes later I was nearly finished the first one - baring in mind there was 20 chromosomes to cut out. Hananh was next to me and seemed to be speeding through them, i looked over at her cutting's and saw she had only cut them out roughly. I realised that she was doing the right thing whilst i was doing it completely wrong. "Hannah....i think i've done it wrong." i said. She looked down at my work and started laughing her head off "You idiot!" but thankfully she helped me with the rest of it. :D. Now we cant look at my science work without laughing. Thanks for reading! Love to all xxx

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Learn your lesson ;) By Hannah x

Todaii someone in our skool learnt the hard aii to NEVAA mess with us. Emily jokily held on to a boy in her tutors bag and then the handle at the top of it ripped and emily had it and for literalli half an hour the boys were chasing her trying to get it back. We were taking it as a joke, they were taking it seriously :O. So one of them called Emily a prostotute - Lets just saii he'll never do that again. Emily walked away from him and then me and Jess went right up into his face made him bow down and apoligize to Emily and before that we literalli made him shat a brick. i can be fierce when i want too. NEVER MESS WITH ANY OF US! is the moral of that storii. ;) Thankyou for reading. Love to all! xxx

Clevaaa Mee ;) By Hannah & Izzy

Todaii we left Jess's house and we ran to the gates cause we have this thing when we run to the gates to type in the code. Sadd i noo. But izzy ran to it and i sed wh dont you stick your hand through the gatee and type the code in from the othaa side nd she was like okaii. then i pressed the button nd opened it and thenn all thee waii down the roadd we were smacking eachovaa, whipping eachovaaa with our jumpers and kicking eachovaas asses nd i thought i wud share it wiv youu. ;) Thankyou for reading. Love to all! xxx

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Bude ;) by Hannah

This is sadly only a memory shared by me and Jess. But without sounding tight, Emily and Izzy missed out on an AMAZIG timee. ;)
We had this bench that was outside of the instructors cabins. And all the instructors frequently came to join us for a chatt. We knew the two Ali's, Ben, Kenny, Harry, Pikey, Smudge, Moggy, Shakey, Liam, Max, Conor, Alex, Sam, Kristof, Louis and Rudi. Louis, Ben, Sam, Liam and OF COURSE Kristof, Rudi and Pike were all sooooooooo fit. :P:P .It was all Ken-Dubz fault. Harry your clashing . . . oh fuck it. Pike can I wear you hatt. Shake shake shake shake uh shakeyy. Moggy Moggy Moggy oi oi oi . She sooo sounded like Vicky Pollard. Salaaaaad ;) Had a GREAT week. Can't wait to again soon (I hope) . I know you had to be there to understand these memories but they were sooo fun to uss. ;) Thankyou for reading. Love to all! xxx

The Riverr!!! By Hannah ;)

During the Summer holidays, Emily, Jess, Izzy and I spent a lot of time with most of the kids that live in our villagee. woop woop. And we walked from Silverton to Thorverton to go to the river three or four times during the holidays. We went with us lot sometimes a few other girls and loads of other boys. We all went swimming and just sat on the rocks and on the bridge and it was soooo funny. One day, when just me and Emily went down, with a few other friends we got bored at our normal spot at the river so we floated dow the river with 6 or 7 other people and we ended up in Stoke Canon and obviously, we had sooo much funn. Ahaa ;) But we got to this point where we had to get out of the river because it got too deep, and we had to jump over this huge stream of cow pat because there was no way around it and 2 or 3 people managed to jump over it. I found some stepping stones over it and I made it then someone else made it then Emily went to have a go and then she missed a step and up knee deep in cow pat. It was sooo funny. Then we were about to get back in the water, the the people that were alredi in the water sed dont cum in so Emily was alredi in then I got in to get her out nd we were both stuck. We managed to get out nd get back home before our curfew. lol. When Jess and Izzy came down with us thoo we went to the wier, and it was soooo funny. LOL. If you had been there you would've probably pissed yourself. Thankyou for reading. Love to all! xxx