Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sister-Hood - Explained By mostly Hannah but Jess aswell

Helooo people of Earth who are reading this. We made this blog because we are the bestest of friends and we wanted to declare it to the world. Naa. I onli joke but we are soooo close we could actulli be sisters, hence the blog name Sister-hood. Ahaa . =D . There are four of us . . . Jess, Hannah, Emily and Israel. We spend soooo much time together you give us a quiz on anything to do with eachothaa and we'd probs no everything. It's quite gud havin these people we call sisters even though we aint blood related. Youu know that they are always gonna be there for you and have your back. What we would do without these people, I actulli dont knoww. We'd probably be in a neervous breakdown. We are all soo different, Hannah's is loud and entertaining, but she'd stick up for any of us if someone ever messed with one of the othaas. Emily is the most confident with boys, she knowss how to handle situations. Jess is the sweetest one of the group. She the nicest one of all of us and always makes us laugh and she's also the one we trust with ANYTHING! Izzy is the most strange, she is quiet if you don't know her but people who do know her WISH she was quiet. She's mad, mental and soooooooooo funny. We are the perfect group. =D
Thankyou for reading. Love to all! xxx

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