Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Shocking Cough!! By Emily

This was such a funny day! It was just me and Hannah and we had just been to the shop to buy some sweets, chocolate, crisps and blue bear and other shit! lol. So we were walking on the pavement down to the old school so we could go to the park when Hannah had a nasty feeling in her throat. I was in mid sentance talking to her about something important when she tried to clear her throat quietly. It WASN'T quiet! lol. It was a massive cough and Hannah wasn't expecting it to sound sooooo loud and she pulled an alarming facial expression! I found this very funny and fell to the floor and dropped my blue bear can. It started to roll into the road and then there was a was a car coming i found it really hard to reach out and get my can because i was laughing so much but just as the car was goin past i grabbed it and lay on my back on the pavement with Hannah beside me laughing her head off. I can't imagine what people must of thought of us. Ah well it was a laugh and thats what counts! :P After about half an hour me and Hannah thought it would be a good idea to get up and gp to the park like we were suppossed to. Thankyou for reading. Love to all! xxx

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