Monday, 14 September 2009

Science By Jess x

This memory happened today and only has me and hannah in it.
We were in science learning about chromosome, genes and all that stuff. So anyway, our teacher handed out sheets of corn cells with the 10 pairs of chromosomes, telling our class we had to cut them all out and stick them in our book in there pairs. Pretty easy job right? well not for me.... i started cutting them out. A couple of minutes later I was nearly finished the first one - baring in mind there was 20 chromosomes to cut out. Hananh was next to me and seemed to be speeding through them, i looked over at her cutting's and saw she had only cut them out roughly. I realised that she was doing the right thing whilst i was doing it completely wrong. "Hannah....i think i've done it wrong." i said. She looked down at my work and started laughing her head off "You idiot!" but thankfully she helped me with the rest of it. :D. Now we cant look at my science work without laughing. Thanks for reading! Love to all xxx

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