Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Learn your lesson ;) By Hannah x

Todaii someone in our skool learnt the hard aii to NEVAA mess with us. Emily jokily held on to a boy in her tutors bag and then the handle at the top of it ripped and emily had it and for literalli half an hour the boys were chasing her trying to get it back. We were taking it as a joke, they were taking it seriously :O. So one of them called Emily a prostotute - Lets just saii he'll never do that again. Emily walked away from him and then me and Jess went right up into his face made him bow down and apoligize to Emily and before that we literalli made him shat a brick. i can be fierce when i want too. NEVER MESS WITH ANY OF US! is the moral of that storii. ;) Thankyou for reading. Love to all! xxx


  1. 'fierce when u want to be'? ha ha u maka me laugh!

  2. Wow, thankyou loads 3 ur comment, that means the world!!!

  3. Gabbi, shut your faceee. lol oj. thanks sooo much for your comment. isnt our blog AMAZINGG!!