Sunday, 6 September 2009

The cuboard!!! By Emily

Emily: You are probably looking at the title and thinking what the hell?!?! Once you read this though it will all make sense. Before i start just in-case you laugh at anything you should go to the toilet before you have an accident! Lol! Here we go:
On sunday I had just returned from a wedding which was a blast! I knocked on the door to find hannah brushing her teeth and Jess brushing her hair. Once Hannah and Jess had finished they went and got lunch from Jesses kitchen. We had sanwiches and crisp and Jess ate a banana!!!!!! Woop woop! When we had finally finished after a long time of pushing Jess to eat her sandwich Hannah and I ran upstairs to the top floor and left Jess alone downstairs to tidy up. Lol. When we heard Jess walking up the stairs Hannah and I thought it would be a good laugh if we hid from Jess. I ran into Jesses room and hid under her bed but Hannah thought Jess would find Emily easily. Hannah ran to the airing cuboard and squashed them selves in. As they heard Jess getting closer we could not help but laugh. We tried very hard to keep quite but found it very hard to stop. When Jess heard Hannah and I, Jess opened the door and Me and Hannah fell to the floor with laughter!! Me and Hannah thought the cuboard must have laughing gas init as everythime me and Hannah would go and stand init we would always laugh or heads off!! Jess tried it after awhile of me and Hannah talking about it and she started to laugh as well so there must either be a spell on her airing cuboard or we are just freaks lol! Don't answer that. All I know is that the airing cuboard is the best room in Jesses house for laughter!!! Thankyou for reading. Love to all! xxx

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