Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Paparazzi. By Hannah ;)

Ahaaa. This is soooooo funni.
Right we were at Jessicaas house right. Ndd the song Paparazi came on the Tv. Nd aftaa we hadd watched the whole of the video, Izzy goes I don't get it. She went right so her boyfriend tries to have sex with her but she doesn't want to so he pushes her off the balcony and then she's like "I'm paralysed" . So then she's like "papa-papa-razzi!" Then she's likee "I just killed my boyfriend!" Nd thn it's well wierd cuz its such a stupid video that makes no sensee. Ahaa. It wass sooooo funni you mai have just had to be there. =D Thankyouu for reading. Love to all! xxx

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