Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Bude ;) by Hannah

This is sadly only a memory shared by me and Jess. But without sounding tight, Emily and Izzy missed out on an AMAZIG timee. ;)
We had this bench that was outside of the instructors cabins. And all the instructors frequently came to join us for a chatt. We knew the two Ali's, Ben, Kenny, Harry, Pikey, Smudge, Moggy, Shakey, Liam, Max, Conor, Alex, Sam, Kristof, Louis and Rudi. Louis, Ben, Sam, Liam and OF COURSE Kristof, Rudi and Pike were all sooooooooo fit. :P:P .It was all Ken-Dubz fault. Harry your clashing . . . oh fuck it. Pike can I wear you hatt. Shake shake shake shake uh shakeyy. Moggy Moggy Moggy oi oi oi . She sooo sounded like Vicky Pollard. Salaaaaad ;) Had a GREAT week. Can't wait to again soon (I hope) . I know you had to be there to understand these memories but they were sooo fun to uss. ;) Thankyou for reading. Love to all! xxx

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