Sunday, 6 September 2009

Going up to Secondry School By Jess

This memory i remmber has in Me, Emi and Israel. I dont know where hannah is in this memory but anyway i'll get on with the story....

For intake days i remember we had to get our parents to take us in instead of the bus so my mum took Me, Izzy and Emily in. We got there, got out the car and slowly walked in whispering to each other 'I'm sooo scared!' and we were. Thankfully someone was waiting there at the entrance, to direct us tothe hall. We went there and found that there were alot of other people. Most of which we didnt know. We sat down on some chairs with the rest of our class from primary school. Eventually everyone was there and our first assembly there began. Once they had gone through most things, they began to read out the names of the tuors and the people in them. We found that me and Emily were in a different tutor to the tutor Izzy and Hannah were in, unfortunately. Me and Emily went to our tutor and our time at clyst vale began. Thankfully, despite us being in different tutors we are still very good friends. Thankyou for reading. Love to all! xxx

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